LIZ & SOPHIE’s “When I Rule The World” Might Restore Your Faith In Pop: Hear A Preview

Carl Williott | June 2, 2015 12:20 pm
SOPHIE Teases Charli XCX Collab
Hear a preview of Charli's next PC Music collaboration.

British pop collective PC Music releases sugary, warped tracks that are part homage, part deconstruction and part commentary on the pop music genre. Led by A.G. Cook, the imprint operates with a post-art, post-ironic shamelessness, which is how they’ve managed to form a music act-slash-energy drink that partnered with Red Bull (a competitor, presumably) for a fake reality show red carpet premiere-slash-US live debut. Madonna collaborator SOPHIE is one of the biggest satellites in PC Music’s orbit — he’s part of the QT music/drink project — and he’s been very up front about his desire to make the brightest, most vibrant pop imaginable. So it was only a matter of time before this kind of hyper-pop was used to sell someone else’s product.

That’s what has happened in a new Samsung ad, which licensed a new LIZ song produced by SOPHIE (unrelated to his work with PC Music). We know LIZ is obsessed with Y2K pop, but here the Mad Decent singer channels Britney like never before, overtop SOPHIE’s discombobulating mix of squiggles, snaps and rumbles. By the end of the clip, everything weaves together into a pile of oversaturated synths and counter-melodies and it’s got us very excited to hear the whole thing, which will be out on Columbia in a few weeks.

Catch the preview in the ad below.

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