Sam Smith Got His Voice Back, Reschedules Tour Dates

Carl Williott | June 4, 2015 7:22 am

After three weeks of silence following successful vocal cord surgerySam Smith can talk again and is on the road to a full recovery. During Smith’s speechless stretch, he made the most of the situation with antics like a charming and funny BBMA cue card acceptance speech. And he announced his return to the speaking world in similar fashion:


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Even more promising, he has already rescheduled his tour dates that were postponed due to the medical complication. He announced the updated Australia dates on Twitter: 

Last month (on his 23rd birthday), the British singer underwent suspension microlaryngoscopy surgery to stop bleeding from unstable blood vessels in his vocal cords. The procedure was performed by Dr. Steven Zeitels, who also handled this surgery for Steven TylerLionel Richie and Adele. In addition to posting all these updates on his recovery, Smith also took the time to show his extreme gratitude to Zeitels on Instagram last night (June 3): 

Can’t even imagine how many times he has watched Adele’s post-surgery live return to help him push through this recovery.