Watch Little Boots’ Stylish Walk Of Shame In “Better In The Morning” Video

Carl Williott | June 4, 2015 8:48 am
Idolator Interview: Little Boots
The Brit discusses power bitches in our fun chat.

British singer/DJ Little Boots is releasing her third album, Working Girl, on July 10, and based on the cover artwork and title it’s a continuation of the corporate-chic electro-pop of last year’s Business Pleasure EP (which we deemed one of the best pop releases of 2014). And now the video for lead single “Better In The Morning” zeroes in on that dichotomous theme by showing her highly stylized hungover-morning-after routine.

Directed by Nova Dando, it fits alongside the visual aesthetic of last year’s “Taste It” video, with a series of sterile and surrealist images in front of monochromatic backgrounds scrolling by. Little Boots told The Fader this video was partly inspired by Cher’s fashion roulette computer program in Clueless, adding, “The song is about a walk of shame so I loved the idea of tying it in with the Working Girl album theme, that this girl can go out all night and still get to work on time looking chic, hide her hangover and still smash the day!”

Check out the colorful clip up top.