Whatcha Say: Christina Aguilera, Max Martin & Madonna Got Our Readers Talking

Robbie Daw | June 5, 2015 5:45 pm
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T!G!I!F! While our editors Carl Williott and Bianca Gracie are kicking off the weekend by hitting up Governors Ball here in NYC, the rest of us at Idolator combed through all of the reader comments that came in this week and selected some for our weekly Whatcha Say roundup.

The past few days was all about original features here on the site — in particular, our ranking of super producer Max Martin‘s 20 #1 singles, retrospective on Christina Aguilera‘s Bionic and In Defense Of Coldplay‘s X&Y thought piece got you all chiming in.

Below, as always each Friday evening, you’ll find the creme de la creme…and the shade de la shade!

:: Marc laid down the law for Madge on Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna” Single Cover & Official Remixes Arrive: Listen To All Five: “Madonna F’d up this entire era. The album is one of her best, truly is. It’s not 100% radio friendly but the work will stand the test of time. However, her team majorly messed up. All the leaks aside, look how awful this cover is and it’s art work. It looks like an iPhone photo and a cheap app. Madonna, no! You’re the queen of it all but this is some duchess type of artwork, not queen caliber! Furthermore, they released all the wrong singles. Why wasn’t the catchy, feel-good, relatable title song not released?”

:: Thomas Alex Dugrosprez “talked” on In Defense Of Coldplay’s X&Y: “Coldplay can be so underrated at times. Just listen to the LRLRL’s live version of ‘Fix You’, and dare tell me it’s not eerie af.”

:: Sean Massich also chimed in at the speed of sound: “‘What If’ was always a stand out, in my mind. I wasn’t even aware this album really needed any kind of justice or redemption. Not a huge Coldplay fan, but I always found this album well composed. Same signature catchy-as-all-hell melodies.”

:: Alejandro Villalobos woohoo-ed on Christina Aguilera’s Bionic Album Turns 5: Stan & Deliver: “I love the whole aesthetic and sound of this album, i still think the label gave up too soon and made a mess with the singles, even tho i love NMT and You Lost Me, i would’ve chosen one of the bonus tracks as the first single, specifically Birds Of Prey…”

:: Christos showed some elastic love for Xtina’s polarizing 2010 LP, too: “what an amazing album. still listen to it and still loving it no matter what. one of my fave albums ever. love me some xtina #JusticeForBionic”

:: As always, Floptina served the ultimate injustice for Bionic: “Buy Lotus on Itunes.”

:: Sebastian Red threw shade on Max Martin’s 20 #1 Singles, From “…Baby One More Time” To “Bad Blood”: Revisited, Reviewed & Ranked: “Ummmmmmm, first of all, why is Roar ranked higher than anything on this list? It sounds like it was written in the span of 5 minutes by a class of 1st graders. Same for 3 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I love Max Martin’s work but you gotta give credit to his better written songs like Blank Space (Which Im sure was more of Taylor Swift). After reading this I wouldn’t be surprised if Robbie Daw and Jonathan Riggs thought ‘Pretty Girls’, or anything by LMFAO were absolutely groundbreaking.”

:: Sam Nelson was a bit more in tune with our writer Jonathan’s prose: “This Jonathon Riggs fella needs to write more! Found myself laughing out loud more than a few times.”

:: Finally, Jose was a bit by Max’s chart-topping output: “Good piece. I was thinking about how I’d rank the great man’s US No.1s from 2 to 20 after this latest Swift, Taylor single hit the top spot. More specifically, I was thinking about it because it’s a really odd list of No.1s. BOMT is a long way clear of anything else. You can’t top perfection. I’d probably have Teenage Dream narrowly ahead of I Kissed A Girl, followed by California Girls. The rest of the No.1’s? It’s at that point my mind starts to think about the other “elite” songs Max has worked on: I Want It That Way, Oops! I Did It Again, Stronger (peak #11!) and Since U Been Gone.”

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