Jimmy Jam Hints At Janet Jackson’s New Single Being Called “No SL333P” (Or “Plush”) In A Cryptic Tweet

Mike Wass | June 8, 2015 3:08 pm
Janet Jackson's New Single To Drop In June
Janet Jackson's new single is expected to arrive in June. In other words, any day now!

Janet Jackson’s comeback is starting to gather momentum with news that she’s releasing album number 11 on her own Rhythm Nation label (via BMG). There are also persistent rumors about the lead single dropping this month, so Jimmy Jam’s (a known collaborator on the project) Twitter account is under severe scrutiny from fans — and the legendary producer might have dropped a couple of crumbs over the weekend.

“Early morning #Plush #NoSL333P #ConversationsInACafe,” he tweeted along with a picture of sheet music in a darkened studio. The #ConversationsInACafe hashtag was used in Janet’s internet-break comeback announcement (Could it be the title of the album?), so there’s no mistaking which artist he is referring to. Internet detectives soon blew up the picture and made out the titles “No SL333P” and “Plush” as well as the songwriting credits: “Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.”

Since then, the purported lyrics of “No SL333P” have surfaced online, but they are yet to be confirmed and could just be fan fiction. Regardless, it’s extremely exciting that Janet’s new album is slowly taking shape. See Jimmy’s tweet below.

Jimmy Jam’s cryptic tweet:

Which title do you prefer “Plush” or “No SL333P”? Let us know in the comments below.

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