Hear New Pharrell Song “Freedom” In Apple Music Beats 1 Commercial

Carl Williott | June 9, 2015 12:28 pm
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Apple unveiled its long-awaited streaming service Monday (June 8) and with it comes Beats 1, Apple Music’s “24/7 worldwide radio” station featuring Zane Lowe, formerly of BBC Radio.

The latest piece of the rollout is a new TV spot specifically highlighting Beats 1 and featuring part of a new Pharrell song called “Freedom.” This one has more of a soulful punch than much of his recent retro-funk forays, and that’s evident in the strained yelp he unleashes near the end of the clip.

The track is a good fit for the globe-trotting visuals of people in motion — it feels a bit like a Nike ad in that respect. And if you’ve ever doubted Apple’s marketing genius, might I point out that this ad even manages to make subway dancers seem like a cool, fun part of The Vibrant Human Experience instead of the scourge of your daily commute.

Check it out below.