Iggy Azalea Thanks Fans For Sticking With Her When It’s “Cool” To Hate On Her

Carl Williott | June 11, 2015 11:14 am
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Iggy Azalea effectively retired from social media in February, but she occasionally returns to Twitter when she has some specific messages for fans. Early this morning (June 11), she hit up the platform to thank her fans for standing by her during this rough patch of tour cancellationsPride Festival backlashes and “Pretty Girls” slander.

The Aussie rapper sent a message of gratitude to her loyal fans, saying “its really tough to stick by someone when the ‘cool’ thing is to hate on them.” She added, “i love you all very much.” And while she had everyone’s attention, I-G-G-Y also revealed that while fans won’t get to experience her tour, she’s still going to publish a photo book featuring backstage and behind-the-scenes images, some of which would’ve been used in her tour program.

See her full Twitter dispatch below.