Justin Bieber’s Original Version Of “Where Are Ü Now” Surfaces: Listen

Bianca Gracie | June 11, 2015 1:37 pm
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Justin Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now” collaboration with Jack Ü (aka Skrillex and Diplo) has steadily gained traction since its debut back in February. It is sitting at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a contender for our Song Of The Summer poll.

Now, the original version of the dance track has surfaced the web — thanks to Poo Bear, one of the tune’s producers. The song, which Bieber recorded a while back, premiered on Dash Radio today (June 11).

“This was the version that was cut before Diplo and Skrillex actually got a hold of it and put that incredible sound on it. It just went gold, congratulations Jack Ü and Justin. This is the original version, and I believe this version will go on his album,” Poo Bear told the radio station.

Bieber’s first take on the song is more of a ballad filled with strings and pianos, and also highlights his emotive vocals. Take a listen to the original version of “Where Are U Now” below, and let us know which one you prefer in the comments!

Justin Bieber’s Original “Where Are U Now”

Skrillex & Diplo’s Take On “Where Are U Now”

[via Rap-Up]

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