Drake Turned Down A Chance To Be On Mark Ronson’s Album

Carl Williott | June 12, 2015 7:35 am

It’s always news when popular musicians are working on or releasing new music, but some artists are so huge or influential that they even make headlines for the music they decided not to make. Drake is definitely on that level. So it’s news when Mark Ronson reveals he couldn’t secure Drizzy for his retro pop carnival Uptown Special. Keep in mind for this album he was able to land Stevie Wonder, contemporary icons like Bruno Mars and Kevin Parker, plus an out-of-nowhere Mystikal.

Speaking to Alan Carr for his Chatty Man show, the British producer explained that his requests to collaborate get turned down “a lot.” “Just because I decide I want someone on a song doesn’t mean they’re not doing their own record,” Ronson said.

“A few people have said no. I am not going to say names,” he told Carr, before sharing a name. “Drake. He was very polite about it.” We expect nothing less from the 6 God.

[via NME]