Aussie Newcomer Kita Alexander Offers Low-Key Haim Vibes On “My Own Way”

Carl Williott | June 12, 2015 12:52 pm
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Here's another track from a new singer that we'll be spinning all summer.

Australian singer Kita Alexander has introduced herself to the world on her summery debut track “My Own Way.” The rolling, danceable percussion and analog foundation echoes Haim‘s “Don’t Save Me,” but Kita’s offering is a more laid back affair — probably because she wrote it after moving to a surf town.

But this isn’t merely chill vibe-out music to play in the background as you scoop out avocados after a day of gnar runs (or whatever) — it evokes that happy-tired-sad feeling you get during the last weeks of summer. Plus, there’s a really simple and sticky chorus at the heart of this that makes us excited to hear what else the teen comes up with.

Watch the home video-centric clip for the debut track below.