Hear Four New Miguel Tracks From ‘WILDHEART’

Carl Williott | June 16, 2015 7:20 am
Miguel Serves Intense "Coffee"
Watch him perform a Wale-free version of the single.

With a couple weeks to go before dropping his new album WILDHEART, Miguel has premiered four tracks from the project. “FLESH,” “…goingtohell,” “Hollywood Dreams” and the Lenny Kravitz-featuring “face the sun” were made available today (June 16), and each one showcases a different dimension of the singer.

The title clues you into what type of vibe “FLESH” is going for, and the Prince-indebted track pairs a spare funk strut with Miguel’s falsetto. Eventually it becomes a cascade of vocal layers, and by the end he’s wailing like a young D’Angelo.

Miguel — “FLESH”

Imagine Miguel got his hands on a scrapped Tame Impala production and decided to coo over it, and that’s what “…goingtohell” sounds like. And if that doesn’t get you excited about hearing the song than we’re on different planes.

Miguel — “…goingtohell”

“Hollywood Dreams” was originally released in December, but I can’t be the only one who wasn’t familiar enough with it to know if there were any changes made for this version. Anyway, it continues the guitar focus, built on a low buzzing riff and some light drums that transform into a trap beat at the end, as Miguel taps into L.A.’s aspirational seediness throughout.

Miguel — “Hollywood Dreams”

The most radio-ready offering of the three, not surprisingly, is “face the sun,” with mega-scarf aficionado Lenny Kravitz. It’s a hazy, trebly track that finds Miguel proclaiming “I belong with you.” It’s capped off with a quick Kravitz guitar solo, basically amounting to Miguel’s version of a power ballad.

Miguel ft. Lenny Kravitz — “face the sun”

Have these four tracks gotten you more excited to hear the whole album? Let us know in the comments.