Miguel’s “Coffee” Video Is One Massive Makeout Session: Watch

Carl Williott | June 16, 2015 9:07 am
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You might notice that Wale is conspicuously absent from Miguel‘s “Coffee” video. That’s for the best, since it would’ve been pretty awkward for the rapper to pop up during these intimate moments between Miguel and his blue-haired love interest. (Also gone is the dirtier “Fucking in the morning” refrain, swapped out for the original “Coffee in the morning.”)

The video starts with a shot of the couple in the shower, and that’s followed by vigorous makeout sessions and footage of them them writhing around in bed in their underwear with the requisite “gazing at each other under the sheets” shots. It is all very sexy and makes it very hard to keep from making a “that’s some hot coffee” joke.

Check out the steamy visual up top.