Niykee Heaton Puts The Focus Back On Her Music With Gorgeous Acoustic Ballad “Infinity”

Mike Wass | June 18, 2015 12:10 pm
Niykee Heaton's "Naked House Party"
Niykee Heaton and her super babe manager threw a "naked house party." Bless them.

Niykee Heaton’s Instagram account is the eighth wonder of the world, but those mesmerizing thirst traps can distract from her genuine skill as a singer/songwriter. She rectifies that situation by putting the focus back on her music with gorgeous acoustic ballad “Infinity.” The 20-year-old sings about a love affair for the ages over gently strummed guitar and soft finger snaps. It’s easily the prettiest piece of music to arrive on her SoundCould to date.

“How long will it be ’til you see how bad I need this? I’ll give you all if you please never leave I need to keep this,” Niykee pleads. “I could fuck with you for infinity. I wish I never touched no one before.” The Complex centerfold is experiencing a creative resurgence since parting ways with her record label. “Infinity is the most important song in the world to me,” she tweeted fans. “Can’t explain the feeling I have right now that I can share it with all my fans.”

Unfortunately, “Infinity” isn’t embeddable yet, so head over to Niykee’s NBK site for a listen. You can also check out her tweets about “Infinity” below.

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