Happy Father’s Day: 17 Ultimate Dad-Pop Songs, Past And Present

Jonathan Riggs | June 19, 2015 8:31 am

Dad Pop Dude: Martin PageKey Song: “In the House of Stone and Light” (1994)Dad Type Targeted: New Agey drum-circlersHot 100 Peak: 14Dadliest YouTube Comment: “This song is a good example of how different things are today. This was super popular when it came out and listen to it…its chill ya know, peaceful. Now what’s popular? Talking in a robot voice and dressing like a slut.”

Dad Pop Dude: Jon SecadaKey Song: “Just Another Day” (1992)Dad Type Targeted: Soulfully jean-jacketed broodersHot 100 Peak: 5Dadliest YouTube Comment: “he looks like the geico gecko lol.”

Dad Pop Dude: BabyfaceKey Song: “When Can I See You” (1994)Dad Type Targeted: Emotionally vulnerable guitar-strummersHot 100 Peak: 4Dadliest YouTube Comment: “heard this when i was locked up…shit is real”

Dad Pop Dude: Jamie WaltersKey Song: “Hold On” (1994)Dad Type Targeted: Young, hot, Tori Spelling-shoversHot 100 Peak: 16Dadliest YouTube Comment: “i still havent forgiven you for hurting donna!”

Dad Pop Dude: Joshua KadisonKey Song: “Jessie” (1993)Dad Type Targeted: Cat-loving longhairsHot 100 Peak: 26Dadliest YouTube Comment: “i named my son after the cat in this song…moses hasn’t spoke to me since”

Dad Pop Dude: Michael BoltonKey Song: “Said I Loved You…But I Lied” (1993)Dad Type Targeted: Shirt-opened-to-the-waist romanticsHot 100 Peak: 6Dadliest YouTube Comment: “beautiful hair and a canadain tuxedo a spicy combo no babe can resist , denim speedo is all thats missing.”