Happy Father’s Day: 17 Ultimate Dad-Pop Songs, Past And Present

Jonathan Riggs | June 19, 2015 8:31 am

Future Dad Pop Dude: Andy Grammer Key Song: “Honey, I’m Good” (2014) Dad Type Targeted: Liquor-holding lovebirds Hot 100 Peak: 9 (so far) Dadliest YouTube Comment: “Does anyone else think this song is perfect for square dancing?”

Future Dad Pop Dude: George Ezra Key Song: “Budapest” (2014) Dad Type Targeted: Deep-voiced slurrers Hot 100 Peak: 32 (so far) Dadliest YouTube Comment: “Wait wait wait… So the guy singing this ISN’T a middle aged black guy!?”

Future Dad Pop Dude: Sam Smith Key Song: “I’m Not the Only One” (2014) Dad Type Targeted: Sensitive snowflakes Hot 100 Peak: 5 Dadliest YouTube Comment: “I’m not the only Juan.”

Future Dad Pop Dudes: Imagine Dragons Key Song: “I Bet My Life” (2014) Dad Type Targeted: Shouty pack-travelers Hot 100 Peak: 28 Dadliest YouTube Comment: “Well, shit! I broke the replay button.”

Future Dad Pop Dude: John Legend Key Song: “All of Me” (2013) Dad Type Targeted: Basic balladeers Hot 100 Peak: 1 Dadliest YouTube Comment: “i dont like this song but your mum told me to.”

Are you feeling the dad-pop vibes from our roundup of harmless, father-approved songs?