Adam Lambert Covers The August Issue Of ‘Out’ Magazine: 7 Photos

Bianca Gracie | June 23, 2015 2:57 pm
Idolator Interview: Adam Lambert
The singer talks the funky, housey sound of his new album.

There’s no question that Adam Lambert is a powerhouse singer, but he also knows how to work his dapper looks for the camera! The Original High artist has landed the cover for the August 2015 issue of Out magazine.

The singer smolders in the Jack Waterlot-photographed editorial, as his classic good looks and edgy outfits are highlighted by the black + white theme. For the interview inside the magazine, Lambert discusses publicly coming out, his latest album and his new sonic perspective.

View the photos in the gallery up top, and read some interview highlights below.

On his new sound: “I wanted the album to be a real snapshot of my life, my real life, my authentic life in L.A. over the past 15 years. I wanted it to sound like music I listen to when I go out or when I’m at the fucking gym or in Runyon Canyon or in my car. It’s a bit of a melancholy album, you know? It’s talking about the ups and downs of life in Hollywood.”

On working with Max Martin & Shellback: “Shell got really excited. He immediately heard how he could turn it into an even stronger song…I breathed a sigh of relief because, at that point, I wasn’t sure what the fuck was happening next. These two guys are people I respect so much and I also really enjoy them as people. They answered my prayers.”

On publicly coming out in 2009: “It was just the way things went down. At that time, how many mainstream music artists did we have that were out? Elton John and George Michael — and his whole coming out was tabloid fun. There hadn’t been a blueprint to follow. That was the one thing I wished I’d had: a little more guidance. There were definitely moments of frustration and pressure, but there’s been a lot of goodwill as well, a lot of support from fans and media people, and it’s balanced out. I don’t have any sort of bitterness about it.”

On his musical evolution: “I chilled out a little bit. I don’t know if it’s just being in my 30s. When you’re younger and you’ve got a skill, you tend to show off more—you feel like you have more to prove. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten into a place where I feel a little more confident in what I do, and I don’t feel I need to prove myself as far as ‘look at all the tricks I can do.’ Now music for me is more about wanting to prove that I can feel something.”

Click here for the full interview over at Out magazine.

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