Jamie, Giorgio, Diplo & HudMo: How To Know Which Big Summer Dance Album Is For You

Patrick Bowman | July 3, 2015 7:01 am

Major Lazer — Peace Is The Mission

major lazer peace is the mission cover artwork

Who should listen to this? Diplo’s latest album as leader of the dancehall/reggaeton/EDM Voltron of Major Lazer is designed for the discerning listener who can both appreciate and ignore as much cultural appropriation as possible. These are the dance music fans who became disillusioned with the universally beloved, monoculture producer/DJs of the world (Avicii, Zedd, Steve Aoki), whom they have seen multiple times each in a live setting, and have begun to search for a more “authentic” sound. Although, that search began and ended when Major Lazer’s Lean On” featuring and DJ Snake appeared on their “dance music” Pandora station at work, which led them to then impulsively buy tickets to Cup Match Summer Splash in Bermuda. And even though the festival isn’t at a resort, it’s cool, because they totally left the grounds of the Sandals in Jamaica that one time on a family vacation and asked some locals if they had any weed, so they can totally handle it.

Where should they listen to this? During a day set at the Cup Match Summer Splash, if possible, with the work friends they split an Airbnb with. Major Lazer appear to be the headliner so the chances of seeing them in the middle of the day are minimal, but those sleepy afternoon sets at big festivals when mental states and expectations aren’t super high yet is where ML thrives.

What should they be doing? Vaping on the $300 Firefly they picked up at the duty free shop with some sick hash oil they bought off a real Rastafarian (he was not a real Rastafarian) outside the festival gates.