Jamie, Giorgio, Diplo & HudMo: How To Know Which Big Summer Dance Album Is For You

Patrick Bowman | July 3, 2015 7:01 am

Giorgio Moroder — Deja Vu

Giorgio Moroder deja vu album cover artwork

Who should listen to this? The knights in white satin, baby! This is actually pretty tricky, as the return of the Moog God Giorgio Moroder appeals to two very different groups of people. The first being the millionaire ’80s/’90s club burnouts who have somehow managed to retire on the quietest part of Ibiza, still refer to dance clubs as “discotheques” and usually include a bowl of activated charcoal on the table of their dinner parties next to the olive tapenade. The second being the 20-30 something music nerds who earnestly loved Moroder’s soundtrack work in the ’80s (American Gigolo, The Neverending Story, Top Gun) and appreciate, with a weird seriousness, the unapologetically cheesy Euro-trash dance vibe Moroder has honed to perfection on Deja Vu.

Where should they listen to this? Again, this probably isn’t practical, but the club burnouts should listen to this record at a real live Eastern European discotheque that hasn’t changed since the Berlin Wall fell, and still boasts a collection of original Moroder posters in the manager’s office. As for the music nerds, they will probably get to listen to half the album at their friend’s DJ night in some local dive, synching their Spotify library up with the Pacemaker iPad app.

What should they be doing? The club burnouts will be talking with the Romanian bouncer about their clothes, most of which feature limited edition polyester prints from a long-dead Italian designer who died in an orgy with members Silvio Berlusconi’s cabinet, while the music nerds will probably clean the bar out of High Life bottles while blankly staring at their friend playing music that was made for dancing.