Iggy Azalea Quashes Non-Existent Britney Spears Beef With A String Of Intelligent Tweets

Mike Wass | July 1, 2015 1:54 pm
Britney And Iggy's "Pretty Girls" Video
Britney and Iggy head back to the '80s in their amusing alien-themed "Pretty Girls" video.

When will the trolling of Iggy Azalea end? The Aussie rapper can’t state a simple fact (ie. that her duet with Britney Spears would have better with a little promotion) without major news outlets inventing a beef. Happily, the 25-year-old is back on Twitter and returned fire last night (June 30). “I am honestly not surprised but still really saddened that the media is trying to create a ‘beef’ between @britneyspears and myself,” she began.

“We remain friends and i haven’t said anything negative at all about her,” the “Fancy” diva continues. “Does wishing we had promoted a single more make me the bad guy?” Iggy then pointed out the media’s habit of pitting women against each other (another good point, but let’s dismiss it because it’s coming from someone the media tells us to dislike) and cleared the air, once and for all, with Britney. “No one is throwing ‘shade’ or ‘shots’ on either side of the table,” she tweeted. “The girl is my friend and i support her 100%.”

Amusingly, the Reclassified diva finished by calling out bloggers. “YOURE WELCOME. Im back on twitter connecting with my fans; so you have tons to twist.” Love her or hate her, Iggy remains the realest. Check out her tweets below.

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