Is Heidi Montag Making A Pop Comeback? Spencer Pratt Reaches Out To “Body Language” Producer

Mike Wass | July 1, 2015 3:31 pm
In Defense Of Heidi Montag's 'Superficial'
Say what you like about Heidi Montag, but 'Superficial' was one hell of a pop album.

It’s the moment pop connoisseurs have been praying for! Heidi Montag could be returning to music — at least, if Spencer Pratt’s tweets are any indication. “I need a new #BodyLanguage for @heidimontag ASAP brah,” the reality TV star’s husband tweeted producer Evan Bogart this afternoon (July 1). He then hit up rising singer/songwriter Savannah Outen: “So Sav does that mean you wanna help write.” Shockingly, he is yet to receive a reply.

What everyone is waiting for? Heidi’s 2010 LP Superficial remains the ultimate guilty pleasure and the pop world is a distinctly more interesting place with the Don Quixote of dance churning out robotic club-bangers. From “Overdosin” to “Turn Ya Head” and “Look How I’m Doing,” the 28-year-old diva never failed to delight with her lifeless vocals, vacuous lyrics and slick beats. Check out Spencer’s tweets below and revisit the magic that is “Body Language” at the bottom of the post.

Listen to Heidi Montag’s “Body Language”:

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