Watch Chris Martin Play An Impromptu Gig At A Bar In India

Carl Williott | July 2, 2015 10:11 am
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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was in Dehli, India, on Wednesday (July 1) with actress Freida Pinto for the Global Poverty Project, and the night ended with the two stars taking part in an off-the-cuff jam session at a bar. According to NME, they joined up with Indian musician Vishal Dadlani at some point, eventually performing an intimate gig at the Summer House bar.

As for how it all came together? Dadlani explains it was totally unplanned.

Dadlani¬†added that people were going “apeshit” during the performance.

“This is the first Coldplay song ever played in India,” Martin told the crowd before starting off with “Viva La Vida” accompanied by his acoustic guitar. He also played impromptu versions of Coldplay hits “Fix You” and “Paradise,” with help from Pinto, Dadlani and the crowd.

Check out fan footage below.

With Chris Martin implying that Coldplay’s seventh album, A Head Full Of Dreams, will also be its last, perhaps this is a glimpse at what a more low-stakes solo career would look like for him.