4th Of July Playlist: 15 Songs By Pop’s Most Independent Divas

Bianca Gracie | July 3, 2015 7:39 am
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At this point, Fourth of July has become yet another holiday where bogged down editors like ourselves look forward to just because we have a federal day off! But for the rest of the world, the upcoming weekend will be filled with fireworks, coolers stuffed with beer and celebrating our country’s independence.

Over the past few decades, some of our favorite divas in pop — from Beyonce to Charli XCX — have channeled their inner Lady Liberty with badass tunes that are all about self-liberation.

So hold on to your sparklers ladies, and get to rocking out with your independent self with the songs below (in no particular order)! Be sure to stick around to the end for our Spotify playlist!

1. Kelly Clarkson — “Miss Independent” (2003)

This tune was originally meant for Christina Aguilera, but Kelly Clarkson rocked it in her own fierce way. The American Idol winner doesn’t need a man to hold her own, and we say “Cheers” to that!

2. Destiny’s Child — “Independent Women Pt. 1” (2000)

This next tune (sung by one of music’s most kickass girl groups) was featured on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, a film about a trio of kickass women. Any questions?

3. Christina Aguilera — “Fighter” (2003)

Christina Aguilera has always been a defiant popstress, and her “Fighter” single solidified all the reasons why she couldn’t be f*cked with — musically or otherwise!