Miley Cyrus Lends Her Voice To FXX Animated Show ‘Stone Quackers’: Watch

Christina Lee | July 5, 2015 9:26 am
Miley's New Album Sound
Miley Cyrus is "switching up" her sound for her new album, says Mike WiLL Made It.

Miley Cyrus lends her voice to the latest episode of Stone Quackers, which aired July 3 and is online now.

The premise of this FXX animated show is bizarre, unless you’ve spent some time watching Adult Swim: Cyrus plays a skateboarding girl — a “10,” by the show’s logic — who becomes the love interest of a duck named Bug. Bug spends most of the episode figuring out how to win her over, as opposed to actually talking with her, which for some reason involves robbing a pretzel store.

Cyrus’ voice doesn’t pop up until the last two minutes, though considering the episode’s 10-minute run time, the wait isn’t actually long at all. Watch the Bangerz superstar on Stone Quackers up top.

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