Natalia Kills Changed Her Name To Teddy Sinclair: “I’ve Never Felt So Natural”

Mike Wass | July 6, 2015 12:43 pm
Natalia Kills Is Receiving Threats On Twitter
Natalia Kills is still receiving Twitter threats after that 'X Factor New Zealand' controversy.

It looks like Natalia Kills has changed her name to Teddy Sinclair. All of her social channels have been rebranded with the new moniker and she launched a new Instagram account with a lengthy explanation. “A year ago when I got married to Willy Moon I took his last name (Sinclair),” the 28-year-old wrote. “For a long time the friends and family closest to me have called me Teddy, and my husband decided it would be beautiful to spend the rest of my life with my most intimate name united with my new married name.”

“So for a year I have been Mrs Teddy Natalia Noemi Sinclair, and I’ve never felt so natural, honest and empowered… And I’m finally ready to invite you all to address me personally as I feel we are so close and I am so grateful for your support and love.” Of course, this is the second time Teddy has rebranded. She released her first single as Verbalicious way back in 2005 before switching to Natalia Kills. Her explanation for changing it again is sweet (well, apart from the bit about her husband deciding she should do it) but I can’t help but feel the global backlash from her X Factor New Zealand outburst is the real reason behind the change.

Teddy’s Instagram explanation:

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