Ashanti Cancelled A Club Show When Only A Few Fans Showed Up, Caught Making Fake Excuse On Instagram

Mike Wass | July 6, 2015 3:49 pm
Keri Hilson Performed To An Empty Arena
Everything about this is messy. Keri Hilson was paid $100K to perform to no fans in Dallas.

This is a mess. Ashanti was booked to perform at Club Mixx in New York City on Friday (July 3), but cancelled at the last minute. “Hey everyone unfortunately mixx lounge has been shut down by the promoter and the police,” the “Foolish” diva posted on Instagram. “So I will not be there… Sorry for the inconvenience.” Only clubbers swore that there was no police presence and Mixx soon set the record straight: “We are open the promoter felt it was light and he cancelled her.”

The R&B icon then deleted her post, but her mentions have been a war zone ever since. While the prospect of performing to an empty club is a little embarrassing, it’s much worse to be caught out lying about police shutting down a venue on Instagram. Ashanti should have taken inspiration from Keri Hilson, who bragged about being paid $100,000 to perform for absolutely no one in Dallas, Texas. And let’s not forget Brandy. She must have set some kind of record by flying all the way to South Africa to sing for 40 people in a 90,000 seat stadium. Now that’s true professionalism!

Ashanti’s Instagram post:

Club Mixx’s sets the record straight:

[Pics via Toya’z World].

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