Puff Daddy Working On ‘No Way Out’ Sequel

Carl Williott | July 7, 2015 6:51 am
Puff Daddy & Pharrell Are "Finna Get Loose"
Pharrell joins Puff Daddy & The Family on the new single.

By 1997, rap was already a huge cultural force, but Puff Daddy & The Family‘s album No Way Out helped cement hip-hop as a mainstream staple. Puffy’s debut was a true Bad Boy group effort, and it featured hits like “It’s All About The Benjamins” and “I’ll Be Missing You,” many of which utilized Diddy‘s then-controversial method of “recycling” entire songs from big, recognizable pop samples. And now after resurrecting his Puff Daddy name more than a year ago, Diddy is hoping to recapture that late-’90s magic with a No Way Out sequel, which is reportedly his final album.

The reveal comes from new Bad Boy signee Gizzle, who told Rap-Up, “I’m working on Puff Daddy’s last album. It’s called No Way Out 2. It’s a crazy project. I’m very honored to be a part of it.”

Considering this news comes from the lowest member of the Bad Boy totem pole, approach with caution. But, the fact that “Finna Get Loose” was released under the Puff Daddy & The Family moniker gives his account some credence. Plus, Puff has been tossing out #NWO2 all over social media, so it does seem he’s working on a sequel, but it’s hard to imagine him just calling it quits after this.

As for what that means for his previously announced album as Puff Daddy, MMM, Gizzle says it’s still on the way.

“I think MMM is something else. You’ll be surprised. It’s a lot of cool things going on.”

Back in May, Puff teased a June 29 release for something MMM-related, but “Finna Get Loose” ended up dropping that day.

Watch the interview below.

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