SOPHIE’s “Lemonade” Soundtracks A McDonald’s Ad For Lemonade

Carl Williott | July 7, 2015 9:26 am
LIZ & SOPHIE's "When I Rule The World"
Hear a preview of LIZ's collab with PC Music affiliate SOPHIE.

SOPHIE‘s fizzy 2014 Numbers single “Lemonade” is oh so cleverly soundtracking a new McDonald’s lemonade commercial. This isn’t even the first time SOPHIE’s music has been in a commercial — that honor would go to the Samsung ad with his LIZ collaboration “When I Rule The World.” So, this is not that interesting from the SOPHIE angle. He’s a hyper-pop producer who toys with the ideas of maximalism and pop’s synthetic nature, and his alignment with PC Music places him squarely in the meta nexus of art and commercialization. The man has worked with Madonna and Red Bull. This seems like a natural choice for him.

But what is interesting is that McDonald’s is even aware of the guy and had the guts to use one of his polarizing arrangements for their ad. This isn’t a sure-thing licensing job like scooping up a young Justin Timberlake for your jingle. This takes an actual level of internet awareness and grasp of pop cultural relevance that nobody knew Mickey D’s had. That’s why this is newsworthy. The question is, will McDonald’s try to leverage this into a rebranding built on some sense of alt cachet, in the vein of Red Bull?

Watch the ad below.