Grimes’ Pal HANA Needs To Be On Your Pop Radar

Carl Williott | July 7, 2015 1:44 pm
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Lana Del Rey and Grimes fanatics may be aware of emerging pop singer HANA, since she sang backup for Grimes on the Endless Summer Tour, but it’s time all pop fans get familiar with the rising talent. Because this girl’s got songs.

HANA’s story starts in L.A., where she moved when she was 17 to pursue music. She eventually met Grimes’ pal Blood Diamonds (real name Michael Diamond) there, who helped her recalibrate her vision and got her into production, and eventually introduced her to Grimes. That all led to the stunning “Clay,” which the 25-year-old released in May, leading to that prime Grimes gig and a co-sign from Lorde.

A couple months later, and it doesn’t look like that breakthrough track was a fluke. Today (July 7), HANA premiered “Avalanche,” which she co-produced with Blood Diamonds. It’s equal parts dreamy and towering, cleverly taking the focus on her voice a step further: In addition to the breathy verses and the rich, swooping refrain showing her versatility, the arrangement is layered with warped vocal samples. One listen to that bridge, and it’s clear she won’t be singing backup anymore.

Hear “Avalanche” below.

[via NYLON]