Purported Kanye West ‘Swish’ Tracklist Includes Bruno Mars, Doesn’t Include “Wolves”

Carl Williott | July 8, 2015 8:41 am
More From Kanye & Justin Vernon?
Looks like West has more collabs on the way with the Bon Iver frontman.

The hunt for information regarding Kanye West‘s Swish has officially reached the “Hey some Reddit rando improbably got his hands on this sensitive information and it’s probably too good to be true but let’s all run with it” phase. On Tuesday afternoon (July 7), Reddit user dxnxixlrxsxnxbxrx claimed to have recorded all of Swish from outside an album listening session. This person uploaded a long audio clip — which has since been taken down — that was apparently so low-quality that it was nearly unlistenable. But several listeners did seem to hear new Kanye vocals among the static and hisses.

The same user posted the alleged tracklist, which includes “Only One,” “All Day” and the other rumored McCartney collab “Piss On Your Grave,” along with features from Big Sean and Bruno Mars (remember back in February when Kanye apologized for clowning on early Bruno but said he’d become a fan and wanted to collaborate?). Interestingly, “Wolves” was nowhere to be found, despite West saying it would be his next album’s opening track, and neither was one Justin Vernon. Momentarily leaked track “A Long Time” was also one of 13 tracks to make the purported cut. See the alleged tracklist below.

kanye west swish alleged tracklist leak

1. All Day (ft. Allan Kingdom & Theophilus London)
2. Piss On Your Grave (ft. Paul McCartney)
3. A Long Time
4. Want It All
5. Feel Like That
6. Can You Be Real (ft. Big Sean)
7. Touch
8. Owe Us
9. Interrupt The Party
10. Always (ft. Bruno Mars)
11. Remember How
12. Only One (ft. Paul McCartney)
13. Say Anything

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