M.I.A. Announces Globe-Trotting Visual Album ‘Matahdatah’

Carl Williott | July 13, 2015 11:57 am
Hear M.I.A.'s Crazy New Song "Swords"
She used real sword sounds to make the beat on "Swords."

Earlier today (July 13), M.I.A. premiered Matahdatah Scroll 01: “Broader Than A Border,” a short film shot in India and Cote d’Ivoire featuring new song “Swords” and Matangi track “Warriors.” And just a few hours later, she has announced that Scroll 01 is just the first installment in a series of visuals from around the world that will be comprise her fifth album, Matahdatah.

It’s being touted by Interscope as “the first in a series of truly global and characteristically DIY M.I.A. releases over the coming months. Each bundle will feature a collection of new M.I.A. songs, each accompanied by videos directed and edited by M.I.A. herself with each video filmed in a different country.” These will eventually be compiled into a “full-length album and film experience about borders” — sort of like a reverse-Beyoncé.

Speaking about the project, M.I.A. said in a statement, “There’s ten more of these countries coming and I haven’t chased where to go yet, so who knows where this project will take me.”

Watch the first edition of Matahdatah, with new song “Swords,” right here.

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