Let’s Dance!: 10 House Producers Who Should Be On Your Radar

Bianca Gracie | July 16, 2015 8:00 am
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Let’s face it, music in 2015 is experiencing one hell of a lull! From pop to rap, various artists in their respective genres lost their creative spark. But thankfully, a new wave of producers has been bubbling underneath the surface who may just be music’s saving grace — specifically with house!

Gone are the days of frizzy synths and headache-inducing bass drops. These up-and-coming producers and musicians are taking a much calmer, more vibrant route when it comes to house music. So, we at Idolator have compiled a list of 10 artists from all over the world who should definitely be on your radar for the months to come. You might just be looking at the next Diplo, Calvin Harris or Zedd!

Grab your best dancing shoes and get into the list (in no particular order) below!

1. We Are Legends 

HOMETOWN: Gothenburg, Sweden

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: At this point, it’s become pretty clear the Swedes know their sh*t when it comes to making catchy music. Gothenburg’s We Are Legends are no different! This electronic duo are fairly new to the game, but they’ve already established their own sound. They take what we love about ’90s house music and twist it for the modern era, with jangling synths and a steady bassline that gives an overall chilled vibe.

ESSENTIAL TRACK: Their remix of Ace Of Base’s “All That She Wants”

2. Arthur Younger


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: When it comes to the rising genre of nu-disco, Arthur Younger has it on lock! The producer reverts from the coldness of house, and instead brings in warmth that makes his music so comforting to listen to. The songs have weight to them, thanks to the addition of soulful melodies and romantic lyricism.

ESSENTIAL TRACK: His remix of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”

3. Jax Jones


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This next producer has a little bit of a head start to the music scene, thanks to a certain Duke Dumont collaborating with him on “I Got U” back in 2013. But when he’s not co-writing and co-producing tracks with fellow artists, Jax Jones is creating some pretty stunning tracks of his own! His beats pulsate through your veins with a fervor that leaves you with no choice but to hit the dancefloor immediately.


4. Little Giants

HOMETOWN: Bournemouth, UK

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This UK trio is fresh onto the dance scene, as they’ve just made their debut a few months ago. Unlike many dance producers of today, Little Giants’ sound is less synth-y and more lush. Their music has a beautifully warm coating that is perfect for summer, and will keep cozy for the upcoming seasons. Little Giants recently got a remix nod by none other than Monsier Adi (known for his Lana Del Rey reworks), so they are doing quite well for themselves so far!

ESSENTIAL TRACK: “Lately (Love, Love, Love)”

5. Cheat Codes

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, USA

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Next up on the list is a DJ trio who hail from right here in the States. Cheat Codes (comprised of Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford) have a very fresh sound that has tinges of both Tropical House and pop. The music is delicate enough not to be too overwhelming, yet it still holds its weight with a commanding bassline.


6. Rgry

HOMETOWN: United States/Taiwan

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This producer is quite the mystery, as his information is hard to find on the Internet. Thankfully, though, the music is awesome enough to speak for itself. Rgry is the exception to this list, as his style is not fully house but it still has those danceable qualities. The producer takes various vocal samples, R&B-flecked melodies and slightly off-kilter beats to create a deep groove that will have you feeling oh-so-sexy!


7. Eau Claire

HOMETOWN: Washington, D.C., USA

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This next producer is the only female on the list, and she definitely holds her own when it comes feel-good dance music. Eau Claire may have just got onto the scene this year, but her signature breezy sound has taken her to some of the biggest festivals in the States. Her combination of nu-disco, house and electronic is almost saccharine, refreshingly sparkling and downright fun!

ESSENTIAL TRACK: Her “Feed Me Disco, Vol. 8” mix for 2015’s Firefly Music Festival

8. Boehm

HOMETOWN: Bucharest, Romania

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Tropical house is a budding sub-genre that is catching a lot of attention, thanks to big-name artists like Kygo and Thomas Jack. But rising producer Boehm also deserves to be recognized for bringing this style of music to the international forefront. Hailing from Romania, he mixes brass instruments, vibrant melodies and glittery synths that makes his tracks very soothing to listen to. Think of it as a musical equivalent of a piña colada.

ESSENTIAL TRACK: “I Forget Where We Were” featuring George Ogilvie

9. Tobtok

HOMETOWN: Uppsala, Sweden

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Next up is Tobtok (a.k.a Tobias Karlsson), another Swedish producer who is increasingly making waves at the tender age of 21. His mixes are incredibly lush, as he combines the free-spirited sounds of French house with the throwback vibes of nu-disco. The result? A sonic adventure that will make you want to fall in love both on and off the dance floor!

ESSENTIAL TRACK: “Shelter” featuring Alex Mills

10. Keljet

HOMETOWN: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Rounding out this list is the super-fun dance duo — Keljet. Comprised of Koen Mestrum and Teun Pranger, this act blends genuine pop, deep house, indie and nu-disco (are you witnessing a trend here?). Their debut Translantic EP (released in May) is definitely worth many, many spins!

ESSENTIAL TRACK: “What’s Your Sign” featuring Holychild

Are any of your favorites missing from our list? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!