Noah ’40’ Shebib Fires Back At Meek Mill: “Don’t Ever Question My Brother’s Pen”

Christina Lee | July 23, 2015 10:09 am
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Producer Noah ’40’ Shebib responded on Twitter to Meek Mill‘s accusations of Drake not writing his own rap lyrics. To sum up his lengthy take-down, 40 said, “[D]on’t ever question my brother’s pen.”

40 says that, despite what Meek implied, Atlanta composer-rapper Quentin Miller isn’t Drake’s ghostwriter. He figures that, of the thousands of hours that he and Drake have spent recording together, Miller was present for “maybe 30 min[utes].”

40 also laughs at Drake, of all people, of being accused of having a ghostwriter. He reminded his followers that Drake was called soft when he first came out, as one of Young Money’s most promising new voices. “[E]ven more ironic is that Drake is maybe the most personal rapper ever,” he says.

Shebib has produced for Drake since 2009, when the rapper and Trey Songz collaborated on “Successful.”

Meanwhile, Meek Mill didn’t back down from what he said while opening for Nicki Minaj. “I was just upset as a fan that the nigga gave me a verse that he ain’t write,” he said. “Let him be great in all the motherfucking lanes he great in, but I’m gon’ still be the realest n—- in this bitch!” Well, sure.

See Noah ’40’ Shebib’s lengthy response to Meek Mill’s accusations below.

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