Azealia Banks Calls Out Eminem For Sexist Freestyle: “I Bet You’d Never Press Jay-Z In That Way”

Mike Wass | July 23, 2015 4:10 pm
Eminem's Controversial Freestyle
Eminem takes shots at Caitlyn Jenner, Rita Ora and Azealia Banks in a new freestyle.

Eminem dropped by Sway In The Morning today (July 23) and delivered a typically controversial freestyle, which targeted Caitlyn Jenner, Rita Ora and Azealia Banks (among many others). The Broke With Expensive Taste diva caught wind of the rapper’s sarcastic shout out and fired up her infamous Twitter account to clap back. “Eminem, you could be my little wrinkly faced lover in the wee hours,” she began her four-tweet reply.

“[But] you still chose to make a joke of something that wasn’t funny. Making fun of a woman who was knocked out cold bc she was unable to defend herself,” she continued. “I have been a victim of domestic violence and it’s just not funny.” Azealia then called out Eminem for being sexist. “PLUS: you go after unsuspecting women and use them as jokes in ur raps but I bet you’d NEVER press Jay-Z in that way.” See her tweets below.

Azealia’s tweets:

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