Lena Fayre’s Emotional “Possession” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | July 24, 2015 8:17 am

There’s a fragility and brokenness to Lena Fayre in her “Possession” video, and with good reason: the introspective, synth-filled slowburner of a song is just one that makes up her Is There Only One? EP (released today, July 24), a project that was inspired by a real-life love triangle that didn’t end in the 19-year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s favor.

“I wish I could say that she is the other woman, but in fact I am,” Fayre says of the image of the female who appears in her EP’s artwork. “What you see on the cover is a real Instagram photo of the real girl taken by the real boy who inspired this collection of music. She isn’t me; I will never be her. Obsession, possession, denial, heartbreak landed me in a position to write and express my way through a difficult situation.”

“Possession,” both the song itself and its accompanying music video, find Fayre digging deep into the recesses of her rejection-fueled pain and trying to make sense of the relationship while still reeling in its aftermath.

“Baby, are you happy now?” she sings repeatedly, while at various points wading in a swimming pool, standing by a roadside and sitting on a hill overlooking the ocean in the moody visual. It’s a question she may never get an answer to.

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