Jill Scott’s ‘Woman’: Album Review

Kathy Iandoli | July 27, 2015 7:41 am
Fans of the artist affectionately known as “Jilly From Philly” have been waiting four whole years since her last studio album The Light Of The SunJill Scott usually pops up within a 3-4 year range to give us some goodness and float off for a little while, and right on time she’s back with her fifth LP, Woman (out ). Miss Jill Scott stays on-brand with the album’s slick, bold and woozy vibes — all while teaching us a lesson.

The opener “Wild Cookie” comes through with a thorough spoken word about wanting more than just material things when the heart is unfulfilled. Other cuts like “Prepared” and “Fool’s Gold” are quintessential Jill, as she muses about love, where even hurt feels good when she’s singing about it. She picks up the pace a bit on a few tracks including “Run Run Run,” which has the big band beat made fresh again by acts like Janelle Monae recently.

Jill even gets a tiny bit electronic on “Lighthouse” and the closer “Cruisin,” where her style isn’t at all compromised, but the production is just spacey and trippy enough to add another dimension to her flow. Then we get hella slow on “You Don’t Know,” where the full body of Jill’s voice truly shines.

For casual or newbie Jill Scott fans, Woman is an ideal introduction, as she brings you every course she can cook on the menu. The title might be misleading though, because men can rock with this project just as much as women. After all, she’s mainly talking about men and their shortcomings anyway, so they might as well come and learn a thing or two from the supreme queen of teachings.

Idolator Score: 4/5

— Kathy Iandoli