Kanye West’s Steve McQueen-Directed “All Day/I Feel Like That” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | July 26, 2015 8:58 am

UPDATE (2/22/16): About a week after sorta-releasing The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West’s Steve McQueen-directed “All Day”/”I Feel Like That” video is now widely available online, about a year after it first premiered during Paris Fashion Week. The decision to share the single-take visual now is especially strange, since it’s on the heels of a few T.L.O.P. demo leaks and neither song appears on the new album. Watch the newly available video here.

Kanye West and director Steve McQueen‘s “All Day/I Feel Like That” video made its stateside debut this weekend at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in a four-day pop-up installation. And while West and McQueen banned cellphones from the premises when they introduced the video on July 24, someone posted it as it plays out at the museum the next day.

The single-take video shows West rapping inside an empty warehouse, with just speakers on the floor. While he raps “All Day,” he and the camera are at odds with one another, getting up on each other’s faces as if guarding each other on the basketball court. During “I Feel Like That,” however — this gorgeous, haunting track that picks up where West left off in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — he slides down onto the floor, catching his breath as, for the most part, the camera keeps its distance.

Watch the “I Feel Like That” part of Kanye West’s new video below.

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