Disclosure’s “Omen” Video: Watch Sam Smith Get Back To The Club

Robbie Daw | July 27, 2015 4:38 am
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Isn’t it just more exciting when Sam Smith is backed by a clomping house groove, a la his turn on Disclosure‘s mega-hit “Latch,” or even a beat more subdued, like with his breakthrough feature on Naughty Boy‘s “La La La”?

If you’re in agreement, then you’ll be pleased to hear “Omen,” Disclosure’s second single from upcoming LP Caracal (out September 25), which finds sibling duo Guy and Howard Lawrence reuniting with Smith and Grammy-winning songwriter Jimmy Napes.

The track itself lumbers along with a slow-but-sure dancefloor swagger that allows for Smith’s soulful vocals and sing-along chorus (“O-o-o-o, O-o-omen!”) to shine. And as for the video, it’s part two of the Ryan-Hope directed quartet of visuals Disclosure are offering up to promote this era of theirs — with “Omen” picking up two weeks after the ominous events we saw in previous clip “Holding On.”

Here, as a bit of continuity, the main characters from the latter video are seen speeding away on a motorbike while military aircraft are still hovering over Mexico City searching for something or someone. One of the secondary female characters from “Holding On” enters a club where Smith is holding court in the middle of the floor, singing his heart out.

What does it all mean? We’ll probably have to wait for part three — or even part four — before the storyline becomes more clear. For now, however, we have a pretty awesome new dance-pop single to get us through the remaining days of summer.

“Omen” will be made available on iTunes tomorrow (July 28).

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