Madonna Still Thinks Tidal Is Going To Happen

Mike Wass | July 27, 2015 2:05 pm
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Tidal was received by the general public about as warmly as Taylor Swift at a Katy Perry concert, but co-owner Madonna still thinks the music streaming service is going to happen. “It’s just the beginning,” the Queen of Pop told AP in a recent interview. “We’re working out a lot of kinks and hopefully we’re going to build something unique and amazing that’s going to attract a lot of people.” She then elaborated on the company’s ethos a little further.

“It’s important that people understand we didn’t create Tidal, we didn’t put this together, we didn’t all join forces because we’re broke and we want more money,” the 56-year-old explains. “The idea is we want to support other artists and we want people to understand this is our heart, this is our work, and we want people to recognize that and we want other artists to have a chance.”

She then defended the $10 subscription fee ($20 if you want the deluxe package). “We live in a society now where everybody just expects everything to be for free, but you don’t get a house for free — you have to pay somebody to build it.” Madonna makes an excellent point, but it’s going to be uphill battle to combat the general view that Tidal is just a money-making scheme to further line the pockets of multi-millionaires.

[Via AP].

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