Jaden Smith Stalks The Shadows In “Scarface” Video

Carl Williott | July 28, 2015 9:36 am
Drake Is Working With The Smiths
Is Drake cooking up new music with Will & Willow Smith?

The Smith kids have become two of the most unpredictable and interesting personalities in pop music over the last few years. (I guess this isn’t such an improbable outcome considering one of their parents was the Fresh Prince and the other was in a nu-metal band just as the nu-metal bubble burst.) Older bro Jaden Smith makes more waves with his tweets than his music, but every time he decides to drop new material, it’s worth examining, if only to see what particular wave he’s riding at this moment in time.

For his new “Scarface” video, that wave seems to be “Euro street goth trap conspiracy theorist.” The ominous, clanging track finds Smith lamenting “all of their songs sound the same” and spouting about JFK and the government killing him. The video is blanketed in shadows, with guys from Jaden’s crew scurrying through what looks to be narrow, old European alleys. It was directed by Moisés Arias.

Watch it up top.