Brooke Candy Is Butt Naked On The Cover Of New Single “Rubber Band Stacks”

Mike Wass | July 28, 2015 6:17 pm

I don’t think the world was ready for Brooke Candy in 2014. Co-written by Sia, the rapper’s (great) debut single “Opulence” defied easy categorization and struggled to find a home on radio. As for the video… well, let’s just say playing a bald hooker with a death wish was a bold choice. (That I loved). Hopefully, the 26-year-old’s new single “Rubber Band Stacks” (due August 17) will find a warmer reception.

At the very least, the cover is sure to get plenty of attention. The “I Wanna Fuck Right Now” diva poses in a leopard-print thong, sunglasses and nothing else against a jungle background. She’s also holding a parrot and carrying a clear backpack full of cash on her back. I think it’s fair to say that the best cover art of 2015 just arrived! There’s still no release date for Brooke’s debut LP, but early 2016 is a good bet.

Revisit the magic of Brooke’s “Opulence” video:

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