Watch Miley Cyrus Flip Off The Camera In New MTV VMAs Promo

Carl Williott | July 29, 2015 6:31 am
Miley's Topless Tease
Miley Cyrus posed topless and flaunted her armpit hair to tease an upcoming project.

Miley Cyrus hosts the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on August 30, and considering the last time she appeared on the show it was just for a couple minutes and it still managed to monopolize the entire subsequent week of pop culture news, it should make for some very hashtag-friendly, outrage-baiting viewing. And to drive that point home and show just how edgy she (still) is, in a promo for the upcoming VMAs, the never-not-nude singer edgily throws up her middle fingers at the camera, using that very edgy finger-crank trick that makes all the edgy seventh graders shit their pants with laughter at the mall.

She posted the video on Instagram with the caption “Fuck Yeah VMAzzzzzz! #host.” Watch it below to see how much has changed since 2013.

Fuck Yeah VMAzzzzzz! #host @mtv

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