Wonder Girls Tease Comeback Single “I Feel You” With Fierce ’80s-Inspired Video: Let The ‘Reboot’ Era Begin!

Mike Wass | July 29, 2015 2:14 pm
Wonder Girls Return With Comeback LP 'Reboot'
After a three year hiatus, Wonder Girls are returning to the pop scene with 'Reboot.'

Wonder Girls turned the K-Pop world upside down earlier this week when they unveiled the cover of comeback album Reboot. (Korea’s finest had been on hiatus for three years). The “Nobody” hitmakers also revealed they were switching things up this era with a new line-up and new sound. Instead of presenting themselves as a manufactured girl group, the ladies would now play instruments and become a “real band.” It’s a gamble, but lead single “I Feel You” — at least from the teaser — is reassuringly familiar.

If you were expecting Wonder Girls to really shake things up with a rock song or folk ballad, prepare for disappointment. If anything, “I Feel You” sounds like a return to the ’80s-inspired dance-pop of “Tell Me.” (Let’s be real — those instruments are basically props). And I’m fine with that. Everything about the group’s comeback single is on-point, from the slick synths to the Robert Palmer-thieving video. I’m even more excited for Reboot than I was before. Leave it to Korea to save pop with a fake “real band!”

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