The Story Behind Meek Mill’s “Drake Got Pissed On” Line

Carl Williott | July 31, 2015 9:34 am
Meek Mill Finally Responds
Meek Mill disses Drake with "Wanna Know."

Meek Mill‘s diss track aimed at Drake, “Wanna Know,” was many things: sloppy, highly specific, underwhelming and puzzling. It probably didn’t have the impact Meek was expecting it would, but still, the Milli Vanilli insult and smoking gun of Quentin Miller‘s reference track were some bits of ice cold clowning. The bit that everyone’s talking about the day after, though, is a line straight out of a Dave Chappelle sketch.

“You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater,” Meek barks at the very end of the song. Before listeners could even process what in the hell was being said, the track ends. Why did T.I.‘s friend pee on Drizzy (more like Wizzy, RIGHT)? Why did it happen in a movie theater? And why has the world not heard about this until now? Well, TMZ seems to have some of the answers, saying that the line is referencing a real-life 2010 incident during a private screening of the movie Takers, which starred Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Chris Brown and T.I.

Drake was at the screening, and apparently there was a dispute about where people were sitting, which culminated in one of T.I.’s childhood friends (the internet says it’s this dude, Cap) taking out his frustration by drunkenly relieving himself on Drake, causing the 6 God to run out of the theater screaming.

Drake is goddamn teflon. Name another artist who can thrive after being ethered by Kendrick Lamarslapped by Diddy, shaded by Madonna and pissed on by an alleged murderer.

[via TMZ]

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