Calvin Harris Cleans Out His Studio, Finds Handwritten “We Found Love” Lyrics

Robbie Daw | August 3, 2015 8:52 am

While the battle rages on in our latest Ibrawlator, where we pitted Calvin Harris“How Deep Is Your Love” against Disclosure and Sam Smith‘s “Omen” to determine this summer’s best dance jam, Calvin is clearly trying to distract himself from his nervousness over the poll results (have YOU voted yet?) by moving his personal studio to a new location.

Where exactly is Harris moving to, though? Somewhere closer to his girlfriend Taylor Swift? The pair are rumored to be recording something or other together. Are there any clues in this video Armani underwear stud Harris posted on Instagram yesterday?


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Wherever the Scottish producer is heading, he’s dug up a bit of a treasure while cleaning out his old space in the form of handwritten lyrics to “We Found Love,” Harris’ 2011 chart-topping smash with Rihanna.

Clearing out my studio finding some things I wrote memoriessss 💿

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At any rate, if Calvin slapped that shit on eBay, there’s the next Korg paid for.