Wonder Girls’ “I Feel You” Video: Watch The K-Pop Divas Achieve 1980s Glamour

Robbie Daw | August 3, 2015 9:22 am
Wonder Girls' 'Reboot': Album Sampler
Hear clips of all the songs from the K-Pop group's new LP.

While the song tease for “I Feel You” and album sampler for new LP Reboot only hinted at the 1980s vibe K-Pop dolls Wonder Girls (now with a retooled lineup) were going for with their new single, the song’s music video offers much, much more.

Here we get a synthy delight (complete with Linn drum crashes) that shows the band rocking keytars, electronic percussion and vintage Robert Palmer Girl attitude on a multi-colored, neon-lit stage. All that’s missing: a cameo by Max Headroom.

Reboot is out today (August 3). Get a vivid, ’80s-themed visual explosion above before picking up the album.

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