Azealia Banks Had A Busy Weekend! The Rapper Threw Shade At Both Nicki Minaj And K. Michelle

Mike Wass | August 3, 2015 2:29 pm
K. Michelle And Azealia Banks Cancel Tour
Well, this is a little embarrassing. K. Michelle and Azealia Banks' tour is now off.

Azealia Banks’ Twitter game was messier than usual this weekend. The rapper got the ball rolling by questioning Nicki Minaj’s motives for speaking out against racial inequality in the music industry when “Anaconda” was snubbed by MTV Video Music Awards. “She only started speaking out when it effected her,” the 24-year-old opined. “And she always pulls a pussy move and says ‘that’s not what I meant’ trying to save face with white audiences when she gets caught.”

The Broke With Expensive Taste diva then had some words for K. Michelle, who cancelled their joint-tour last Thursday (July 30) — a mere two weeks after it was announced. When a fan asked if Azealia would still be featuring on the “Hard To Do” hitmaker’s new album, she replied: “I don’t deal well with having my time wasted. I will not be appearing.” She then fired off this not-so-cryptic tweet: “I never had any interest in working with you or meeting you honey child.”

As for K.? Well, she kept it classy. “You ever look at some situations and say, ‘Thank God, I dodged a bullet’ I know I do,” the R&B siren tweeted. However, she couldn’t resist this little jibe: “Poor Lizard needed them coins.”

Azealia drags Nicki Minaj:

Azealia throws shade at K. Michelle:

K. Michelle keeps it (mostly) cute:

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