Drake Dismantles Meek Mill At OVO Fest Using Memes, Teases Third Diss Track

Carl Williott | August 4, 2015 6:56 am
Meek's Piss Diss, Solved
The burning question behind Meek Mill's diss track aimed at Drake has been answered.

Drake used his closing set at his own OVO Fest in Toronto last night (August 3) to fully and utterly dismantle Meek Mill, starting his set with diss #1, “Charged Up,” before quickly switching to “Back To Back” as a string of Meek Mill memes flashed across the screen. And eventually in the coldest, funniest move of all, he projected a “Participation Award” for Meek’s “Wanna Know” effort.

(One thing we know for certain is that Drake didn’t write those memes.)

This is great news for the cynics out there like myself who thought Drake would bring out Meek at OVO for an onstage bread-breaking via “R.I.C.O.” or something, thus making this the softest feud/most genius marketing ploy ever. But it’s real, and if you ever thought Drake would stop going in on Meek Mill, he won’t. The 6 God teased a third diss track, presumably called “3-Peat,” rapping “He ain’t ready for that ‘3-Peat.’ Nah, he don’t want that ‘3-Peat.'”

You gotta think Meek has to respond somehow — it’s hard to imagine him just sitting there as he gets completely undressed by memes. But if he responds, it’ll only prolong the embarrassment. WWJD (What Would Ja Do?) And man, does this put Nicki Minaj in an awkward situation. She knows she can destroy both these dudes on the mic, and yet she has to sit back while on one side she has her good friend and colleague and he’s unleashing a war of attrition to annihilate her boyfriend on the other side.

In other OVO news, Drake also brought out his “idol” Kanye West who performed “Blessings” with the host, as well as a full set. The two also shared a laugh backstage with mutual collaborator Will Smith, so it looks like the sometime frenemies are back to being BFFs.

[via MTV]