Wonder Girls Didn’t Play Any Instruments On Comeback LP ‘Reboot’ Despite Returning As A “Real Band”

Mike Wass | August 4, 2015 2:39 pm
Wonder Girls' 'Reboot': Album Sampler
Wonder Girls share snippets of each song on comeback LP 'Reboot.' Listen.

Wonder Girls turned the K-Pop world upside down last week when they announced they were returning after a three-year hiatus with a new line-up and concept. The girl group would now be a “real band” with each member playing an instrument. Only it turns out that they are basically props. In a new interview Yenny admits that they didn’t contribute a single key to comeback LP Reboot because they aren’t exactly accomplished musicians.

“The band concept was only decided on after half the album had been recorded,” she reveals. “And we thought that rather than trying to show us as a completed recording band, it was best to show ourselves playing the instruments for a retro pop style that we are able to do.” That’s a little confusing, but it gets even more complicated. “Rather than a band that most people think of, we prepared a band version [of ourselves] performing music with a retro pop base.”

So if I follow this correctly, Wonder Girls are only carrying around instruments this era because it looks cool. “As much as you all are looking forward to it, we will prepare more and work harder in our next album,” Yenny apologizes. This is a little embarrassing. K-Pop is defiantly manufactured, which is part of its immense appeal, so there’s no reason for pretending to be a “real band” in the first place. Meanwhile, Reboot is really good and you should buy it.

[Via AllKPop].

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