New Find: Alex Maxwell Casts A Spell With “Drive”

Mike Wass | August 4, 2015 6:09 pm
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Alex Maxwell is the first British artist signed to Disney Music Group via the conglomerate’s Hollywood Records UK imprint. That means expectations are unusually high for the 21-year-old’s debut single, but she rises to the occasion with “Drive.” A noirish piece of electronica with scene-setting lyrics (“white lines at the dead of night look so pretty in your headlights”) and a deceptively subtle chorus, the newcomer’s first offering shows plenty of promise.

Co-written and produced by The Flight (other credits include Say Lou Lou’s “Fool Of Me” and Lana Del Rey’s unreleased gem “Kinda Outta Luck”), “Drive” is the kind of track that slowly seeps into your consciousness with each additional listen. If you want to hear more from Alex, head over to London-based diva’s SoundCloud and check out pretty ballad “Foolish Ways” and “New York” — a quirky synth-cover of Frank Sinatra’s signature song.

Listen to Alex Maxwell’s “Drive”:

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