Meek Mill Offers A Tepid “Wedgie” Response To Drake’s Latest Flame Job

Carl Williott | August 5, 2015 5:43 am
Why Are This Year's Music Beefs So Wack?
Music beefs used to Mean Something.

Drake annihilated Meek Mill in the most Drake way possible at OVO Fest on Monday (August 3), throwing up dozens of Meek memes on the screen as he performed “Back To Back.” If anything, it showed how Drake has already won this feud in the court of social media, but Meek keeps trying to claw his way back. This time, he offered up an a cappella rant at the Pinkprint Tour stop in Charlotte Tuesday night, attacking Drake’s lack of support at YMCMB.

“Wayne don’t fuck with you, Stunna don’t fuck with you, Tyga don’t fuck with you…Everybody catching bullet holes, including Drake and the whole OVO.”

Gotta hand it to Meek, he won’t go down without a fight, but Tyga not fucking with you — is that really a diss? Meek also threatened to give Drake and his crew a wedgie, which seems about right when we’re dealing with one of this year’s several wack-ass music beefs.

[via Miss Info]

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